Oct 26

I Can’t Feel My Arms

Posted by Katie on Oct 26 2014

Don’t you just love Sundays?

It’s my “off” day in terms of working out, it’s our day to make a big breakfast (sausage, bacon, hash browns and pancakes for Jefferson and pancakes for me!)

It’s a day of cooking, reading recipes, catching up on tv, yard work…perhaps not in that order!

In short, it’s a day to feel lazy and to love every second of it!

This past week has been marvellous.  I’ve balanced strength training and cardio workouts and I’ve enjoyed a balanced and highly nutritious diet!

Green monsters were enjoyed almost every day.

Some of you have asked me what my green monsters consist of and it really varies.  Here’s my go-to!  2-3 cups of raw spinach, 1 cup frozen fruit (usually strawberries and bananas), 1 cup of almond milk, 1 cup iced cold water and 1 scoop of Vega’s Viva Vanilla protein powder!  It’s so delicious :)

In addition to the smoothies I’ve enjoyed my BM Bullet raisin bran muffins!

The smoothie, in combination with the muffin, is the perfect combination of macronutrients and micronutrients!

Lunches have been primarily homemade chicken soup, carrots, mandarins and apples!

For suppers I’ve enjoyed Imagine’s Organic Tomato Soup with crunchy toast (that resembled big croutons!)

Turkey burgers with french fries, brussel sprouts and pickles (strange combination I will admit!).  I ate half of the turkey burger and took the over half for lunch on Friday!

And pizza with kale caesar salad!

As far as workouts go I’ve been balancing strength training and cardio, based on what my body is craving.  I sure do love the “sore” that follows but right now I can’t feel my arms!

As I type this we are watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I love these movies!

After the movie we will go out and do some yard work. Snow is on it’s way!

Oct 20

Going Rambo

Posted by Katie on Oct 20 2014

I am LOVING taking Mondays off!

It really does feel like I am cheating the week and avoiding them altogether!

Well folks, it’s been a heck of a week.

There was a hair appointment (which has left me VERY satisfied!)

A Thursday night Scandal date with my hubby, including some popcorn I whipped up (no wine though!!)

Yard work, our Autumn tradition movie marathons, a DATE NIGHT movie  with my husband (Disney’s Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day), a Weight Watchers meeting (I’m not on Weight Watchers, I just went to listen to my Aunt tell her story at one!!), another DATE NIGHT movie (with my Bestie) (The Judge) which left me bawling my face off, a road trip to small town Saskatchewan for a Funeral and some TV catchup.

I’m exhausted just typing that out.

As far as food goes, it’s been splendid.

My body still craves smoothies, which is very odd for me for this time of year, but I’m going to ride that crazy train as long as it lasts.

Green monsters:

And “Chocolate Shakes” which really aren’t chocolate shakes, but they look like it!

AND! I’m officially back to baking my BM Bullets bran muffins!  You know me, I eat so many of them that I get tired of them and stop making them.  Well IT. IS. ON now!

And on Saturday, I whipped up some Kodiak Cakes for breakfast, topped with my homemade pumpkin granola:

Enjoyed while watching the movie Indian Summer.  A personal favourite.

For lunches I thoroughly enjoyed leftover Roasted Red Pepper and Cauliflower soup I made a few weeks ago.  It freezes beautifully!

For suppers I’m back to craving warm vegetables, salmon, mixed rice or quinoa, etc.  Right now, brussel sprouts are what my heart desires.

There’s also been some of my mom’s leftover lazy man cabbage rolls with corn:

And taco salad (with ground turkey)!

My bestie and I went to the movie The Judge on Saturday night but before we did that we met at Rock Creek for a shared Lite House pizza (lots of veggies and chicken on a multigrain thin crust) and Sangria!

As far as workouts go, it was a great week!  Lots of cardio, lots of strength training, but little yoga.  This week is the week I incorporate more yoga.  Recently I’ve let my practice go a bit and I’ve noticed a change in my overall demeanour as a result.  It’s time to get my zen back ;)

In other news, I saw a mouse in our house this morning:

……And I stopped to take a picture of it…WEIRDO.

Then I went Rambo on it’s ass and it is no longer.

OK, let me clarify, I avoided that part of the house for a solid hour, justifying NOT doing anything about it until Jeff got home but then my inner Olivia Pope kicked in.

Am I a Gladiator, or am I a  B$%&@?

Though I’m fairly positive Olivia Pope doesn’t have to put up with this crap, I decided I was a gladiator and went THEN went Rambo on that mouse’s ass.

After the mouse incident I spent all morning scrubbing toilets, floors, our fridge, doing laundry, cleaning cupboards and am now sitting down to a cup of tea.

OH!! BEFORE I FORGET!  Lowe’s is in FULL CHRISTMAS MODE!  There is a 9 foot tree with our name on it!

Now it’s time for a BM Bullet I think :)

Happy Monday!

Oct 14

A Thanksgiving Recap!

Posted by Katie on Oct 14 2014

MERCY I had a food hangover this morning.

This entire weekend was a weekend of indulgence and though I enjoyed every single lick and nibble, I was in dire need of REAL nutritious food this morning, and a good workout!

Saturday was our first Thanksgiving supper and I devoured an asian salad, a seafood pasta salad and a bun:

Dessert was ice cream sundaes!  I didn’t eat the waffle bowl though…

Sunday morning started with a scary movie (no joke) and breakfast!

PB & J toast, fruit:

OH! And Christmas fruitcake.  FOR BREAKFAST.  Aye-yi-yi!

Lunch was late but delicious…Mom’s homemade soup with a dollop of Helluva Good dip!

Oh and somewhere in between there was a decaf coffee!!!

We spent the day watching an obscene amount of scary movies.

When it was time for a break, we watched The Walking Dead and ate supper.  Messed up right?

Pre supper munchies:

And supper was lazy man cabbage rolls, leftover salad and veggies:

And dessert put me over the top.  WAY too much.  Ice cream sundae.

Yesterday morning began the same as Sunday.  Even breakfast was the same, with a flaky cinnamon bun!

And lunch was leftover salads again!

For supper we went to Jeff’s folks place for traditional turkey dinner!  I didn’t take a photo but it was the most reasonable thing I ate all day :)

AND for dessert?

PUMPKIN PIE.  Worth every calorie folks!

I can honestly say I have never craved a workout and smoothie more than I did  this morning.

And workout I did and smoothie I drank.

MmMm spinach.

That was the leftover smoothie that didn’t fit into my to-go cup!

I have the day off today and it’s been fantastic.  Hair appointment, Walmart, house cleaning, laundry, muffin baking…

I have a tea date this evening and then it’s back to work for 2 days!

See ya!

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