Sep 16

We’re Done!

Posted by Katie on Sep 16 2014

Well folks, we gave it the good ol’ college try but we are taking our home off the market today.

We are disappointed but determined that it will happen for us eventually.

For now, we can finally get back to the routine of not making our bed, leaving random things in random out in the open spots, settling in for the evening without being on edge about a potential showing, etc.

On the work front Jeff and I are both terribly swamped! But putting things into perspective, it’s a far better scenario than the one we were in 1 year ago!

This weekend we are off to our cottage for what will surely be a divine experience! We haven’t been in 3 weeks and we miss it dearly.

When we decided to sell I packed all of my cookbooks up along with everything else and now I am dying to bring them home! There is something about reading cookbooks in the fall…

Well now must get ready for work!

See you later!

Sep 07

Make it Yours

Posted by Katie on Sep 07 2014

3 years ago today I ran a half marathon.


It seems like yesterday!

I love it!!!

It still amazes me, where I used to be, where I am now and the choices I have made in between.

As I sit here, sipping on my chai latte (made using my homemade chai concentrate) I can’t help but ponder.

3 years ago I set a goal to run a half marathon and I did it. And although I crossed the finish line promising myself I’d NEVER do it again, I also crossed that finish line with a promise to keep setting and meeting goals.

And so today I challenge you to do the same.

Set a goal.

Set 30 goals.

And work everyday to make those goals achievable.

One thing I know to be an absolute is we get one life.

Make it yours.

Make it everything you want it to be.

Figure out what you want from it and make it happen.

Excuses are abundant and more than willing to play the role of hindrance. Know that and step on it.

Live by your rules, with what you know to be best for you in mind, not what others believe to be best for you.

This is your life.

Make it yours.

You do that, and you will be happier than you ever imagined would be possible.

So go get started.


Sep 01

Back to School Week!

Posted by Katie on Sep 01 2014

Good morning and happy labour day!

Ours began with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon toast and dreamland tea:

I am now watching The Office with my hubster, doing one of my favourite things, reading recipes!

It’s Back To School week and I cannot be more excited!

It’s going to be a fantastic-yet-horrendously-busy week for me, being that it’s my first Fall semester at the University.  Can’t wait!

Enjoy your holiday Monday!

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